Friday, January 22, 2010

Time Flew

Quite a lot of time has flown. I tried the local farmer's market. It was cold … and windy … and sales were slow. I did some small local craft shows. I had lots of compliments and a few sales. Well, I guess there'll be no issue with the tax man: LTD Beads is clearly a hobby! I've used this period to try out different craft shows and learn my market.

I also found a position with (and this I almost can't believe) a local typesetting company. Now, back when desktop publishing put most typesetters out of business, this company switched to prepress for major book publishers. This worked well until recently. Alas, I've been laid off for lack of work. Is it ereaders and ebooks? Is it outsourcing to India and the Philippines? Is it the economy? At any rate, it was a grim repeat of the end of my own type shop: the work just stopped. Abruptly, dramatically … something like falling off a cliff.

I simply cannot believe I'm in my sixties and back on unemployment. I'm truly getting too old for this.

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