Monday, April 28, 2008

LTD Beads is on the Web!

I never would have dreamed this process could take so long – or be so hard. First I needed a business name, one I could use as a on the web. Well, guess what. Just about every name you can think of is already taken in the .com world. Even "Joan's Stones" (not that I wanted to use THAT as my business name) is already taken. When I found that LTD Beads was available, I grabbed it immediately. You can check it out at http// People ask what LTD stands for, and I tell them that it's a bit like LTD in business – not that LTD Beads is a limited corporation – but that production of my designs is limited in number – sometimes one-of-a-kind.

Then I learned HTML and created my site, validated the coding, the works. Of course, HTML is no longer sufficient, so I also learned some CSS. Then I researched hosting services. Then I researched shopping carts. I finally decided ZenCart had all the features I wanted and signed up with a web host that supported it. At this point I thought I would have LTD Beads up, on the web, open for business, within a week or two. Boy was I ever wrong.

Now I've got to admit right about here that I took a good long break from fighting with the website and went to work for some friends of mine who had just purchased a local business. And this used enough time and energy that I set the whole website problem aside and just did a few craftshows and lots more jewelry designs. Oh, and I also taught some jewelry-making classes at a local craftstore.

Time, of course, marched right along until finally I knew I HAD to get moving on the website. So I changed to the PayPal shopping cart, which has none of the special features I wanted, but does let you simply insert the coding for the "add to cart" button into your HTML page wherever you want to put it. And is up and running and my first order on the web is complete.

I'd really love any and all feedback you might have on my website – and jewelry – design. I'll be adding new jewelry designs regularly.

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