Monday, April 16, 2007

The First Day

The big day is here, the first day of my new business. Plans were to register my business name, apply for a sales tax number, purchase insurance and bring the necessary paperwork to the Farmer's Market to get a table this coming weekend. Checking the weather first thing, here's what I saw. That's nearly two feet of very wet, heavy snow. And this is mid-April; my crocuses have finished blooming.

The front view showed a foot of snow in the road, which must have been plowed hours earlier. I'm at a T-intersection; the plow comes up the crossroad, turns and leaves an amazing mountain at the foot of my driveway. No way could I get out without three hours of shoveling.

One of the nice things about self-employment is that you can make instant decisions, which I immediately did by deciding to work on the website and blog today instead of driving around town. Here's hoping tomorrow brings the return of spring.


  1. Oooh, Joan...I know it's suppose to be spring, but the snow is soooo beautiful! Winter returned here in Seattle today, as well. :( Good job on Bead Beat. But where's the pics of your jewelry? hee hee
    Good luck this coming weekend. at the Market.

  2. I'm impressed! Very interesting to read. Good luck with everything. I know you'll do well. -karen