Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh yuck!

For me, this just totally does not work. Now, I've been told never to take my work apart, that there's a buyer for every single thing I make. Well, there's no buyer for this one, since I never display it for sale. It sits in my "reject" box, and someday I will remake it, I swear I will, since I like those silver foil glass ovals quite a bit. And yet, there's something ever so much more appealing about starting something new than remaking something old. Strange, huh?


  1. Have to laugh because I have sold so many sets at shows that I would have loved to redo...just not my style. You are right, though, that starting from scratch is very freeing!

  2. I hear you on the remaking, I've redone a few pieces of my own and it's not nearly as nice as creating something new.

    If it helps, you could take the necklace apart then put the beads away with the rest of your beads. That way it might feel more like making something new when you go to use them.

  3. Thanks, it's nice to know others feel the way I do. Claire, that sounds like a good idea.