Sunday, March 21, 2010

Simple Facebook Names At Last!

I've finally updated the names of my Facebook pages! What a struggle! I had to verify my account via mobile phone. Well, guess what ... I don't have a cellphone. Here I am in the dark ages of central New York, using a dial-up internet connection, no cellphone, I don't even watch television. So to get my own name attached to my Facebook page, I had to find a friend, borrow their cellphone, and copy codes back into my computer. Absurd. But, finally, done. So, you can now reach my Facebook pages at:

Now, if you'd like to do the same thing for your own Facebook page, here's the Facebook link:
I believe you need 25 fans to change you page name (LTD Beads) but I updated my profile (Joan Langerfeld) with only 15 friends.

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